Imperial Castle Nuremberg Summertime – by Gerhard-Stefan Neumann …

The Imperial Castle Nuremberg is in the truest sense of the word the symbol of the Franconian metropolis. Like no other building, it stands for the city’s important position in the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. The castle to Nuremberg is divided into the imperial castle and the Burggrafenburg. It was built not only as a fortification but also as an imperial castle and imperial castle and is one of the most important fortifications in Germany and Europe. In Nuremberg, it is one of the most important art and architectural monuments of the city. After the devastating destruction of World War II, the entire ensemble has been restored over the past six decades.

Spendenkonto Gerhard-Stefan Neumann

Spendenkonto Gerhard-Stefan Neumann

Gerhard-Stefan Neumann Media TV Blog ● Freier Journalist + Werbetexter (GdbR) ● D-90402 Nuernberg ● Politischer Aktivist + Kommentator ● Mit Buchstaben komponieren, mit Worten musizieren und mit Sätzen dirigieren. Dies alles bietet Ihnen: Gerhard-Stefan Neumann ● Freier Journalist + Werbetexter (GdbR) in Nuernberg ● Politischer Kommentator ● Norikerstraße 19 B2, D-90402 Nuernberg ● Telefon 01577 6 31 06 73



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